This collection is my main collection and mostly contains photos of nature and landscapes. In this collection, I draw inspiration from the book “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick”.

 Harris Burdick's illustrations are not only captivating but only offer a title and cliff hanging excerpt for the audience to decipher what's going on in his illustration. I hope to do the same through this collection. Hence, Storytelling Photography.

Most of my captions are inspired by mythology, folktales, and fables. I draw influence from this type of literature because I have found these types of writings to not only spark my imagination but leave me with a reflection. Reflections help us be better human beings. It challenges us to rethink habits, choices, and feelings that we all face.

The best way to view this collection is to not only view my photograph, but really allow my titles and captions to trigger your imagination. Challenge yourself to think of the best story and by doing so, you’ll become co-collaborators with my photographs. Art should not always be what the creator intended but rather, what the viewer makes of it.

Happy Storytelling!

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