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The name Ahgrios was inspired by the ancient Greek word ágrios (ἄγρῐος) which translates to someone or something who is wild, fierce, and raging.


Storytelling Photography

I've always loved hearing stories that inspire your imagination and allow your mind to run off. I have a strong appreciation for storytelling and the power it has trigger to your imagination.

“The Mysteries of Harris Burdick” has been one of my most favorite books since I was a child. Harris Burdick's illustrations are not only captivating but only offer a title and cliff hanging excerpt for the audience to decipher what's going on in the illustration on their own. I draw from this inspiration and hope to do the same through my photography. Hence, Storytelling Photography. Art should not always be what the creator intended but rather, what the viewer can make of it.

Most of my excerpts are inspired by mythology, folktales, and fables. I draw influence from this type of literature because I have found these types of writings to not only spark my imagination but leave me with a reflection. Reflections help us be better human beings. It challenges us to rethink habits, choices, and feelings that we all face.

My photography style is based in truth. What I see when I’m in the field, is what I capture. I pride myself in doing minimum editing to all of my photographs.

Nature and Landscapes


My grandmother is currently 95 years old and has been an artist all her life. As a little girl, I would see her paintings of nature and landscapes and always found them mesmerizing. Because of this, I often found myself in forest preserves or following my father on hikes. My family has always taught me to revere nature and to remember that it was here before we were. 

While solo traveling, I have found myself in awe of the beauty and magnificence this Earth has to offer. Being in nature has taught me to respect our planet, wildlife, people, and myself. In addition, it's been a constant reminder that there's more to life than our day to day routine, fears, and anxiety.There's many lessons you can learn about life and especially yourself from nature if you just take a step into it. My hope is to capture the moments that I've been in awe and the moments where I've made realizations about life, and share it with you all.



Little things make me happy, like finding candy in my pocket or witnessing a Mexican mother yell at her kid in a supermarket. I try to find beauty and joy in the smallest of situations.

I'm passionate about literature and the arts, especially my cello and my photography. I love all music but classical music holds a special place in my heart. I have an extensive library and enjoy collecting my favorite quotes.

I strive to always be kind, encouraging, and loving. The Earth is big but we share the same emotions. I hope to always inspire others to lead a positive life. Perspective is everything.